Feb 26 • 34M

ChatGPT: Why does it matter, how special is it, and what might be ahead?

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Why does ChatGPT matter?

  • People always get excited about AI advances and this one is accessible in a way that others weren’t in the past.

  • People can use natural language to prompt a natural language response.

  • It’s seductive because it feels like synthesis.

  • And it can feel serendipitous.


  • We need to remember that ChatGPT and all other generative AI are tools and they can fail us.

  • While it may feel serendipitous, that serendipity is more constrained than it may feel.

Some other ideas we cover:

  • The research at Google, OpenAI, Microsoft, and Apple gives us some context for evaluating how special ChatGPT actually is and what might be ahead.

  • The current craze about prompt engineering.

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