May 15, 2022 • 54M

Mark Nitzberg: Human-Compatible AI

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Artificiality is dedicated to understanding the emerging community that is humans and machines. We combine AI and big data with decision science, psychology and design to help you understand how to work better with machines and your fellow humans.

We hear a lot about harm from AI and how the big platforms are focused on using AI and user data to enhance their profits. What about developing AI for good for the rest of us? What would it take to design AI systems that are beneficial to humans?

In this episode, we talk with Mark Nitzberg who is Executive Director of CHAI or the UC Berkeley Center for Human-Compatible AI and head of strategic outreach for Berkeley AI Research. Mark began studying AI in the early 1980s and completed his PhD in Computer Vision and Human Perception under David Mumford at Harvard. He has built companies and products in various AI fields including The Blindsight Corporation, a maker of assistive technologies for low vision and active aging, which was acquired by Amazon. Mark is also co-author of The AI Generation which examines how AI reshapes human values, trust and power around the world.

We talk with Mark about CHAI’s goal of reorienting AI research towards provably beneficial systems, why it’s hard to develop beneficial AI, variability in human thinking and preferences, the parallels between management OKRs and AI objectives, human-centered AI design and how AI might help humans realize the future we prefer.


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