Jul 13, 2021 • 43M

Michael Bungay Stanier: Staying Curious

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Artificiality is dedicated to understanding the emerging community that is humans and machines. We combine AI and big data with decision science, psychology and design to help you understand how to work better with machines and your fellow humans.

Have you wondered what makes people different from machines? Well one thing is curiosity—curiosity is something that drives humans but as yet not machines. And one person that knows humans and curiosity is Michael Bungay Stanier, coach extraordinaire and well-known author of the best selling books The Coaching Habit and The Advice Trap. 

We first met Michael at the House of Beautiful Business, a very special community that gathers in Lisbon each year to make humans more human and business more beautiful. All three of us will be back at the House again this November and we highly encourage you to join in person or online.

In this interview, we wanted to find out what makes a good coach. According to Michael, it is being able to stay curious just a little bit longer. Perhaps that is what will make humans better coaches than AI for a while yet.